We definitely made some amazing fitness memories. That’s what it’s all about!

— Stefanie O.

I have so much fun at these shows. It’s literally the highlights of my year!

— Joshua F. Expo Attendee

Had my first Expo experience this year in Anaheim. AMAZING! Going every year alone if I have to.

— Elle J. Expo Attendee

TheFitExpo seriously changed my life! Meeting all my idols gives me the motivation to never give up this fit life.

— Corey H.

Great experience overall. Interactive and fun almost like a fitness carnival. Get to meet like minded people as well as idols within the industry.”

— Tyler R.

Life changing and motivating.

— Angie

I’ve always had a great time at the Expo! So much motivation!

— Claudia

FitExpo gives me motivation to stay fit and active! Anaheim was my second show and it was cool to bring my family.

— Bryan P.

I go every year to LA and Anaheim.

— Alma B.

Awesome experience, always exciting to attend, and full of positive energy and great vibes. Keep them coming!

— Klip

You guys put on such an incredible event! Great experience being apart of it. My friends saw how much of a party it was so we have our flights booked for Anaheim in June. Party never ends.

— John Expo Attendee

It was my first time at TheFitExpo, loved every second, minute, and hour of it. Can’t wait for Anaheim!

— Melissa Expo Attendee

The Expo was amazing and truly everyone there is a percentage of each one who inspire others.

— Sarah Expo Attendee

It was great getting to meet and thank the people I look up to for their inspiration and motivation.

— Wayne Expo Attendee

I got to see that all of the celebrities and Instagram influencers are just regular people like us too!

— Cameron Expo Attendee

My favorite part was being able to be surrounded by and meet like-minded people. Can’t wait until the next Expo!

— Taylor Expo Attendee

My favorite moment was bringing along my sister and friends to TheFitExpo. First timers and definitely not the last!

— Lexi Expo Attendee

Great Place for Enthusiasts and trainer and much to come get inspired. I will be attending in the future.

Expo Attendee

I’m from Ensenada Mexico, and it was a great experience, I’m going to the next one.

— Alvaro Solis Expo Attendee

Super organized, awesome samples, soo fun!

— @yessil28 Expo Attendee

I have gone to TheFitExpos since it first started. It’s a lot of fun and you learn about fitness.

— @caljustin Expo Attendee

An absolute game changer! The best place to network and make meaningful connections in the industry!

— BrioBottle Expo Attendee

The environment of it felt welcoming and everyone’s energy was so positive.

— Bryana Oyarzabal Expo Attendee

We always have so much fun. Thank you.

— Mrs. Franklin Expo Attendee

Great panel of speakers at TheFitExpo stage in San Diego.

— Destiny A Expo Attendee

The opportunity to meet and network with so many people was amazing. ⁣I will never forget the experience.

— Juan Expo Attendee

What a great weekend at TheFitExpo. Thanks for once again, bringing the fitness community together.

— Abe Hernandez Expo Attendee

What an incredible and memorable experience we had at TheFitExpo in #sandiego.

— Nino Puell Expo Attendee

TheFitExpo in San Diego was one of those "a breath of fresh air" moments.

— Cris Dominick Expo Attendee

[TheFitExpo] Good motivation before a Monday morning workout.

— Manny Gozales Expo Attendee

Seeing so many people, in one place, bringing their own style of fitness is awesome. Met some great influencers as well. The energy was unreal!

— Claude Clarke Expo Attendee

Great seeing Brad Castleberry at TheFitExpo! So much fun!

— Kari and Lisha Schneider Expo Attendee

Had a blast at TheFitExpo. So great to be back doing what we love and meeting fans in real life.

— Sergio Olivia Jr Expo Attendee

Was blessed to attend TheFitExpo and meet amazing people like Jay Cutler and Eric The Trainer. Great memories.

— Hayden England Expo Attendee

TheFitExpo with my #swolemate = Getting lots of freebies, meeting lots of fitness/IG fitspiration, & supporting our fittie friends.

— Won Ton Expo Attendee

Such a great vibe today. Got to meet some great people that I have followed for a while and finally meeting them in person made my week a whole lot better. Thanks to TheFitExpo for bringing this event to San Diego.

— Daniel Perez Expo Attendee

The Fit Expo San Diego 2021. What an amazing experience!! We definitely made some unforgettable memories!! Can’t wait for next year!!

— Jessica Expo Attendee

I wish you guys had this event every few months!

— mr_trendiin_topiic Expo Attendee

TheFitExpo was a great event. Let's keep inspiring with health & wellness!

— LA Dance Fit Expo Attendee

Great memories! Loved dancing with everyone for the #WOWTHECROWD contest.

— helloitskierstan Expo Attendee

I had a blast at the FitExpo in Los Angeles this past weekend! Met some great people who are bringing a positive impact to the fitness industry.

— Chantel Oakley Expo Attendee

It was my first time here as a fitness professional and I had a great time.

— @prettyfitdancer_ Expo Attendee

Here at TheFitExpo LA, I am connecting with so many brands and people that stand for everything I love.

— Attendee Expo Attendee

This was such an energizing way to start off the weekend!

— thehustlinmomma Expo Attendee

An epic return from TheFitExpo!

— the_b0nafide_beast Expo Attendee

Rating my experience at TheFitExpo a 10/10!

— Kris Urbie Expo Attendee

This event was so inspiring and made me want to get more involved in fitness and health. Everyone at the event was full of good vibes and positivity.

— Nick Oliver Expo Attendee

This was my 3rd time attending and I hope to keep it going. Hope to see you at the next one!

— fitness.d_rez671 Expo Attendee

An amazing experience! Great meeting and engaging with all the expo attendees.

— Ali Kaadan Expo Attendee

It’s always nice to meet the athletes, fitness celebs, sample new products and connect with a passionate and like-minded audience.

— Sean Ruff Expo Attendee

Awesome content, guest appearances, and of course lots of laughs!

— Paul James Expo Attendee

What an epic event this was, so much energy, so many good vibes, and so much fun!

— Michelle Kim Expo Attendee

I’ve always been a huge advocate of health and wellness and being a part of TheFitExpo with @beastenergycookie was amazing

— Nadya Erazo Expo Attendee

First time experiencing the LA Fit Expo and it was a HUGE HIT!

— Joshua Blaize Expo Attendee