We definitely made some amazing fitness memories. That’s what it’s all about!

— Stefanie O.

One of the most amazing days of my life!

— Sashli

I have so much fun at these shows. It’s literally the highlights of my year!

— Joshua F.

Had my first Expo experience this year in Anaheim. AMAZING! Going every year alone if I have to.

— Elle J.

TheFitExpo seriously changed my life! Meeting all my idols gives me the motivation to never give up this fit life.

— Corey H.

Great experience overall. Interactive and fun almost like a fitness carnival. Get to meet like minded people as well as idols within the industry.”

— Tyler R.

Life changing and motivating.

— Angie

I’ve always had a great time at the Expo! So much motivation!

— Claudia

FitExpo gives me motivation to stay fit and active! Anaheim was my second show and it was cool to bring my family.

— Bryan P.

I go every year to LA and Anaheim.

— Alma B.

Awesome experience, always exciting to attend, and full of positive energy and great vibes. Keep them coming!

— Klip