You’ve heard it before, and it can be so true, everybody is fighting their own battle that you know nothing about. During the Coronavirus pandemic we are literally being told to stay home. That means, for some, that you areREAD MORE

In these trying times, it can be hard to stay positive. Luckily, we always have music and the endorphins it helps release in our brain. Depending on the tunes you’re listening to, music can definitely help keep your mind brightREAD MORE

While everyone is stuck at home and gym workouts are not an option, TheFitExpo Special Guests have been busy uploading free or discounted workouts to their web pages and/or harnessing YouTube and Zoom to keep our Fit Fam going. CheckREAD MORE

​Getting your steps in is always a challenge. Our FitFam does a fantastic job of working out but COVID-19 has presented a whole new challenge – no gym. Our team of partners say “challenge accepted!” Many of our sponsors andREAD MORE

Success Story! Sylvia Smith reached out to TheFitExpo to share the news of her position with Spenga (Spin, Strength, & Yoga) in Tuscon, Arizona. Sylvia is NASM certified and stopped by TheFitExpo’s Fitness Career Center in Los Angeles. After speakingREAD MORE

Each year TheFitExpo has around 100,000 attendees come through our events. With fans, prosumers, emerging fitness professional, group trainers and more, TheFitExpo is continuing to build out it’s Fitness Career Center offerings at each show. The FCC is located nearREAD MORE

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