Saturday & Sunday, Box ‘N Burn – AREA “C”

Saturday & Sunday
11:00 AM – 20 min. Medball for Boxing workout with Josh Hackford & Stephen Cain
12:00 PM – 30 min. Learn how to box with Olympic medalist, Tony Jeffries
12:45 PM – 20 min. Kickboxing Basics with Jason Zickerman
1:30 PM – 20 min. Boxing Core with Shark Grebeniuk & Glenn Holmes
2:30 PM – The World Famous Box ‘N Burn class
3:30 PM – 20 min. Shadow boxing workout with Shark Grebeniuk & Tony Jeffries

Ongoing throughout the day:
– Olympic jumping rope challenge: most double under non-stop. Win a Tony Jeffries signature speed rope!
– Heavy bag challenge: most power punches in 1 min. or if using the punch machine: highest punch power score. Win a complimentary level 1 online academy course.