Challenge Accepted! At Home Workout Challenges and Modifications

Part 1:

Are you looking for new ways to stay moving and motivated during the Covid-19 Confinement?
Many of us are exercising in a digital workout world from our home computer or TV. With this technological convenience comes a few safety challenges. To keep your home workouts safe and effective consider the following environmental and technique musts:

1. Have at least 3 feet of space in all directions (or a large lunge distance.
2. Make sure your flooring is not slippery or uneven.
3. If jump training, reduce ground impact by using a shock absorbing mat, flooring or step platform.
4. Have proper ventilation to avoid overheating.
5. Consider having a chair or counter nearby to assist in balance if needed.
6. Drink 4-6 oz. of water every 20 minutes of vigorous exercise.
7. If possible have a mirror nearby to spot your personal form and body alignment.
8. Be attentive to exercise modifications offered within the routine.
9. Work towards muscle fatigue during each exercise while avoiding pain or joint discomfort or severe respiratory distress.
10. When in doubt … leave it out! No move is worth aggravating or injuring your body.

Part 2:

Getting properly prepared for At Home Workouts “Game Day” can be just as important as the game itself. This is especially true when you are planning to challenge yourself or compete against others in a workout designed to test your strength, stamina and will. Here is a “Pre Game” Core Conditioning Program for those of you planning to participate in the Quarantine Games (presented by Epic Series) on May 9th.

Key Up Your Core-
Central to the various body weight exercises you will be performing in the Epic Series Quarantine Game Day is your inner unit musculature. This includes the deep, unseen core muscles responsible for smooth spinal movement and enduring spinal stability. A preconditioning program to target those muscle should include the following core exercise series:
1. Cat, Cow, Neutral Hold
2. Opposite Arm & Leg Reach
3. Side Plank
4. Supine Lift Hold

Cat, Cow, Neutral / Hold: From hand and knee position flex the spine as far as you can by pulling the abdominals upward towards your spine and hold for 30 to 60 seconds (3 to 5 deep breaths), then slowly reverse the action by arching into spinal extension as far as you can comfortably and hold for 30 to 60 seconds (3 to 5 deep breaths), then bring your spine to the center of those two positions finding neutral spinal posture, hold with abdominal bracing (abdominal bracing is a light isometric contraction of the abdominals in a 360 circle around the waistline) for 30 to 60 seconds (3 to 5 deep breaths)

Opposite Arm Leg Reach: From the hand and knee position, punch one arm out parallel to the floor alongside your ear as you simultaneously extend and press the opposite leg back parallel to the floor. Hold that position with strong neutral spine and light abdominal bracing for 30 to 60 seconds (3 to 5 deep breaths).

Side Plank: Roll from your hand and knee position to your right side, stacking your shoulders and hips, and from the forearm of the right arm, lift the hips up towards the ceiling and hold in a long line from head to heels for 30 to 60 seconds (3 to 5 deep breaths).

Supine Lift Hold: Roll from your Side Plank Position to flat on your back in supine position. Position one leg straight on the floor and bend the opposite knee to have the foot positioned comfortably on the floor. Hands behind the head, supporting the neck in neutral alignment over the shoulders. Lift the shoulder blades off the floor about 10 to 20 degrees, and hold for 30 to 60 seconds (3 to 5 deep breaths).

Repeat the entire series /switching sides or leg and arm positions

Part 3:
GAME DAY: Master Your Modifications

It’s Game Day and you have prepared for the challenge but you still need to keep safety in mind, especially when the heat of the meet gets going!

Winning is not always about being the last man standing. You may want to participate but have certain limitations that keep you from performing a classic exercise in its original version. For that reason we are encouraging you to ‘workout and win’ by hanging in with the right modifications for your body. Be the best you can be by scaling exercises to fit your fitness abilities and limitations. Below are the base exercises that will be used in the game day and some easy shifts to insure a safe and appropriate self-challenge.

Push Up Modification: Knee pushups.
Squat Modification: Chair squat / sit back and hover over a chair.
Burpee Modification: Perform using an elevated surface like a sturdy bench or step platform
Plank Rotation: Drop to one knee.
Mountain Climbers: Perform using an elevated surface like a sturdy bench or step platform.
Lunges: Perform stepping up on a platform or reduce the range and depth of motion during the down phase.
Crunches: Keep the lower back on the floor and only crunch up to clear the shoulder blades.
Lateral Hops: reduce range and height of motion.
Tuck Jumps: alternate knee tuck jumps.
Pick Push-Ups: perform using an elevated surface like a sturdy bench or step platform.
Lateral Lunges: reduce the range and depth of motion during the down phase.
V-Ups: alternate legs during the V up.

You may not be able to win the official ‘last man or woman standing’ belt but you will be a winner in our minds if you keep safety in mind and be your own personal ‘best man or woman’ standing!

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