38 Challenge Los Angeles

Origin of The 38 Challenge…

The 38 Challenge is the first warrior workout in memory of a Veteran who died by suicide. Captain Matthew Brewer, who took his life in February of 2021, was an officer in the Marine Corps and played middle linebacker at the Naval Academy where he wore the number 38. The 38 Challenge is a non-profit organization with the mission of eliminating suicide by shattering the stigma associated with seeking help in warrior culture through promoting and teaching vulnerability.

What is The 38 Challenge Purpose?

The purpose of The 38 Challenge is to emulate what society needs to do in order to shatter the mental health stigma. During the workout, participants voluntarily put themselves in 38 minutes of physical suffering to raise awareness for mental health while leaning on one another. Nothing is more uncomfortable and challenging than speaking about our internal battles, which is the reason behind the physical discomfort.

The 38 Challenge Workout Includes:

AMRAP for 38 Minutes–19 Calories on Assault Bike

38 Push Ups
38 Crunches
38 Squats

Taking Competition Sign Ups Soon, Stay Tuned!