B Street Shoes Booth #930

Special Show Discount @ TheFitExpo Los Angeles


Special FitExpo Show Attendee Discount
$10.00 off on-site Designs and $30.00 off custom orders

On-site painting (must be brand new unworn only condition) and choose your own design!

Or offering sneaker consultations/pre-ordering of B Street special customs

*For B Street to customize your shoes, they will need to be new/unworn since even if gently used/barely worn, things like body oil can affect paint/ink. Some designs can be painted onsite and picked up later or you can drop off a pair for a custom design to your specifications. And you can also buy shoes from our large inventory.

Blake Barash – B Street Shoes was started with the dream to get custom shoes worn by people all over the world. Every pair is hand-painted, completely custom. No two pairs in the world are the same. Blake came up with the name B Street Shoes after feeling like the people wearing custom shoes were connected to each other,   like we all live in the same neighborhood, even the same street. Whether you live in the UK or USA, if you’re wearing B Street Shoes, you’re a unique individual expressing your love for custom fashion and individuality.The demand for custom shoes has grown and so has the team. We’re proud to have more than 200 unique designs in our online shop and a full team of professional artists to support the demand. Read about the B Street team members below. Follow us on Instagram! @bstreetshoes


Daniel Felechner is a local Orange Country artist who already has major career accomplishments under his belt. Not only has he show work all over the nation, he is continually invited to show off his painting skills LIVE in front of thousands of people. Daniel joined the small team at B Street Shoes in 2013 and continues to hand-paint incredible shoes daily. Check out Daniel’s Facebook Page for more art.



Carlos Parache, is a self taught studio artist from Costa Mesa, CA. He is well versed in different media use including charcoal, graphite and oil paint. Check Carlos out >>>  @carlosparache10

Christine Pham is the team member you’ll likely talk to when starting a custom project at B Street. She is an expert at many different things (with a background in fashion design), but getting you the custom shoes of your dreams is where she shines.


Alexandria Trudgen is a fine artist living and working out of Laguna Beach. She grew up being creative and continues to create daily. Her body of work includes oil paintings, drawings, and sculptures. She makes it a goal to explore other ways of being creative as well. Check Alex out >>> @alextrudgen



Austin Cook – Austin is B Street’s full time Digital creator and streetwear designer. While he’s not busy making viral content and direction films, he is running is own streetwear brand Consequential Clothing.  Check Austin out on Instagram.





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