Loopkicks at TheFitExpo! Battles, Workshops and Tournament

Sunday, January 26, Main Stage – AREA “I”


10:00 AM Intro – What is Tricking?
11:00 AM Aerial Workshop
12:00 PM Tricking 1v1 Battles
1:30 PM Tricking Team Battles
3:00 PM Kicking Workshop
4:00 PM Open Session Training

What is Tricking?

Tricking is a new, acrobatic discipline. It borrows and incorporates kicks from martial arts, gymnastics flips and twists, and ground moves from breakdancing. These elements of kicks, flips, twists, and ground moves are fused together in creative, visually-pleasing combinations. It has been described the ultimate form of movement and expression.

Originating in the 1990s from martial artists trying to add more flare into their forms, tricking has grown past “extreme martial arts” into its own living, breathing movement art. More than the movement itself, being a tricker means being part of an international community of like-minded individuals who take joy and pride in throwing their body around and making unique shapes in the air.

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