Loopkicks at TheFitExpo! Battles, Workshops and Tournament


Schedule of Events | Saturday, May 21, 2022

11:00 am | Warm-Up Session & Preliminaries
11:30 am | Evolution of Tricks Demo
12:00 pm |1 v 1 Battle Tournament
1:00 pm | Team Battle Tournament
2:00 pm | Tricking Workshop
2:30 pm | Open Session

Schedule of Events | Sunday, May 22, 2022

11:00 am | Warm-Up Session
12:00 pm | Tricking Workshop
1:00 pm | Open Session
2:00 pm | Tricking Workshop
2:30 pm | Open Session

Founded in 1999 by Isiah Flores in the Bay Area, Team Loopkicks began as a martial arts demonstration team who had just discovered the art and sport of tricking. Team Loopkicks has helped grow the tricking community for almost 15 years not just in the local area, but worldwide. As a team, we focus on growing the art and sport of tricking throughout the Bay Area through doing performances, teaching classes and workshops, hosting open sessions, and sharing our art through video.

What is Tricking?

Tricking is a new, acrobatic discipline. It borrows and incorporates kicks from martial arts, gymnastics flips and twists, and ground moves from breakdancing. These elements of kicks, flips, twists, and ground moves are fused together in creative, visually-pleasing combinations. It has been described the ultimate form of movement and expression.

Originating in the 1990s from martial artists trying to add more flare into their forms, tricking has grown past “extreme martial arts” into its own living, breathing movement art. More than the movement itself, being a tricker means being part of an international community of like-minded individuals who take joy and pride in throwing their body around and making unique shapes in the air.

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