The 2018 Odd Haugen Strength Classic SAN DIEGO

Saturday October 27, 2018


Athletes around the World will compete for the coveted title “King Kong of Grip”; same day, same events and rules, worldwide. The 2017 competition had 170 athletes in 18 venues in 9 different countries (Canada, United States, Australia, England, Norway, Finland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine).

Entry Fee: Early entry $30.00 King Kong Only by 9/16/2018, $40 by 10/6/2018, payable with ENTRY FORM

Combined King Kong and Visegrip Viking Armlifting Entry
$50.00 Early Registration by 9/16/2018
$60.00 fee by 10/6/2018

Expo Entry fee of $25 per day is WAIVED for registered athletes

Entry Deadline: Early entry by 9/16/2018; by 10/6/2018

Hotel Information: Click HERE

Weight Categories: Men’s 59 kg; Men’s 66 kg; Men’s 74 kg; Men’s 83 kg; Men’s 93 kg; Men’s 105 kg; Men’s 120 kg; Men’s 120+ kg; Masters Men 50+ Years Open; Women’s 72 kg ; andWomen’s 72+ kg. Divisions not officially offered in the contest will still be tracked for GSI records purposes (

Custom King Kong gorilla sculptures for the following:

  • All class champions
  • The overall top lifter in each event
  • The Exceptional Lifter (best pound-for-pound performance – using a calculation developed by Andrew Pantke)
  • The overall champion (“The King Kong of Grip”)
  • Custom gorilla medals for 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each class

If there are 10 athletes, then it would be 1 point for 1st and 10 points for 10th.
All the points are added up at the end. If the points are equal at the end of the contest, then the placings are found by using the count-back method. This is giving the position to the person with the most amounts of wins. If it is still a draw, then you look at the most amount of 2nd places, and then 3rd, 4th, and so forth till there is a winner. If two athletes are level in say 4th place, then they would receive 4.5pts each (4 plus 5 points are added together and halved).

General Rules

  • All competitors must weigh in on a point calibrated or certified calibrated scale no earlier than two hours before the start of the competition.
  • Either competition weight plates or weight plates that have been weighed on a calibrated scale are to be used. All devices must have been weighed on a calibrated scale as well.
  • All weights recorded in the scoresheet are to include the weight of the device (including loading pin, collars, etc.).
  • An FBBC Crossguard, as well as either an FBBC Contest or Omni Loading Pin are to be used for the Flask, Crusher, and Jug events.
  • For the MoonTop event, a World of Grip GripTopz loading pin or an FBBC Omni loading pin can be used with an FBBC crossguard (lowest hole on the Omni).
  • The crossbar is set at the same height of 16.5” (to underside of bar) for all four events. Lift heights will vary by event, through different crossguard attachment heights on the loading pin.
  • The competitor is allowed to switch hands between attempts, as desired.
  • Each competitor is allowed four (4) trips to the platform for official attempts. On each trip, the competitor has one (1) minute during which he/she can make as many attempts as desired. The one-minute time limit also includes equipment prep time (i.e. adding or removing chalk to one’s liking). Chalk can be removed using a dry cloth, paper towels, or equivalent, provided by the venue promoter.
  • The amount of weight attempted must rise or stay the same for each subsequent trip to the platform.
  • Warm-ups can be made on the contest apparatus prior to official attempts, but must be declared as such to the referee. However, once a competitor has begun his official attempts, he may no longer do warm-up lifts on the contest apparatus.

Personal Equipment Specifications
Clothing: Clothing will consist of trousers, shorts or a skirt for a woman for the lower half. For a top a t-shirt, sweatshirts or long sleeved shirts may be worn after showing that no illegal bracing is worn on the wrists or elbows. One piece lifting suits are allowed. Gloves are not allowed to be worn when lifting. No inappropriate writings or pictures are allowed.
Belts: Lifting belts are allowed and may be of rubber, nylon, or leather.
Wrist Wraps: Wrist wraps/bands of any kind are not allowed.
Elbow Sleeves: Non-adjustable elbow sleeves are allowed.
Knee Sleeves: Knee sleeves and/or braces are allowed.
Wraps/Bandages: Contingent upon prior approval by the Referee medical tape may be applied to bodily injuries in a fashion that would not grant the lifter an undue advantage.

Only chalk is allowed on the lifters hands. No foreign substances may be applied to the equipment. Liquid chalk is not permitted. This takes into account all substances other than chalk, or a sterile agent which may be used periodically in the cleaning of the equipment, or platform.

1:00 PM 2018 International King Kong Grip Challenge
1:30 PM Open Flask (one-hand) (Rising Bar Max 4 Attempts Format)
2:30 PM 2.5” FBBC Crusher (Rising Bar Max 4 Attempts Format)
3:30 PM MoonTop (World of Grip) (Rising Bar Max 4 Attempts Format)
4:30 PM 2.5” FBBC Jug (a new vertical lift device – similar to the Excalibur) (Rising Bar Max 4 Attempts Format)
5:00 PM Award Ceremony