TheFitExpo’s BEST San Jose 2022

Guys and gals, do you think you have the BEST body in the South Bay? Well, here is your chance to show us your stuff and a win cash prize and San Jose bragging rights in TheFitExpo’s BEST! competition.

SIGN-UPS FOR TheFitExpo’s BEST! events will be in Expo hall of the San Jose Convention Center. Make sure to read all the rules and regulations below and to sign up when you arrive as each event is limited to 35 competitors: first signed up, first allowed to compete.

Male attendees 18 and older, can compete in 3 different events during the weekend (arms, back and abs ) and females 18 and older can compete in 2 events (arms and legs). Competitors will be judged on a two category 1-10 point system of Definition and Overall Appearance.

Posing routines and or music are not allowed. Male contestants are required to wear shorts and females bikini top and bottoms, shoes are optional. Each event will crown its own winner live on stage with $200 in cash.

These events are meant to be informal and not in anyway like a structured physique competition. We want them to be fun, loose and something anyone can sign up for if they think they have a great body part. There are no routines (so don’t bring music) or set poses and professional clothing such as posing suits are NOT required. Oil and tanning are allowed but will not be considered with regards to any judging criteria.


  • Registration is limited to the first 35 who sign-up to enter per each event. Please note that NO Sunday sign-ups will be accepted on Saturday as you can only register for each day’s event on that day.
  • These events are not open to professional athletes, NPC athletes or those exhibiting at TheFitExpo.
  • All Competitors must pre-register at the TheFitExpo’s BEST! booth in the Expo hall. Competitors will only be allowed to compete ONE TIME per each event. No coaches will be allowed in or around competitors. All spectators must be sitting or standing in audience area.
  • All Judges counts & decisions are final! Anyone that challenges judges decisions will be subject to an automatic disqualification.

Terms and Conditions for competitiors

  • You will also be required to sign a standard hold harmless release form prior to competing.
  • You must be a ticket buying attendee of TheFitExpo San Jose to enter. These events are not open to professional athletes, NPC athletes or those exhibiting at TheFitExpo. Any questions: please write to

Schedule of Events | Saturday, TBD

TBD | BACK (Men) and LEGS (Women)
TBD | ABS (Men)

Schedule of Events | Sunday, TBD

TBD | ARMS (Men and Women)

San Jose 2018 Winners and other results