The following are competition results for TheFitExpo San Jose:

2018 Results

This year the competition included our popular MAXREPS 4 CA$H event featuring winners in bicep curls for both women and men, and pull ups, dips, and overall for men. See pictures of all of the winners in this and TheFitExpo’s Best competition for both men and women.LEARN MORE

2017 Results

Events this year included a contest for Best Abs and Arms for both women and men plus Best Legs/Glutes for women and Best Back for men. See picture of this year’s winners in these and other events.LEARN MORE

2016 Results

TheFitPro 2016 Competition included exciting Gracie Worlds submission only Jiu-Jitsu tournaments along with Battle of the Bars, showcasing some of the best calisthenics athletes from all over the world. And, of course, our ever-popular strength competitions such as TheFitExpo’s Best and MAXREPS 4 CA$H were all part of the fun. See the winners of these and other events.LEARN MORE