Santa Clara 2022 Covid-19 Indoor Mega Event Guidelines

Beginning April 1st, entry requirements for indoor mega-events will end. It is no longer mandatory to show proof of vaccination, or a negative Covid-19 test result.   

See here for more details: Beyond the Blueprint for Industry and Business Sectors (Including Mega Events) ( 

Face Coverings are not required, regardless of vaccination status: Mega-events – Coronavirus COVID-19 Response (   

If you still wish to test, No-Cost testing can be found through the California Department of Public Health (Santa Clara Convention Center zip code 95054): Find a testing site ( 


Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the convention area for public use. 

If you are feeling ill, please DO NOT attend. 

Please see below for our “Disease and Illness” Disclaimer. 

*Note: Should city/state/federal COVID mandates at the time of the convention require additional restrictions, we will be following their protocols. 

Disease and Illness Disclaimer: By using your admission pass, you recognize that disease and illness, including, but not limited to, the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the common cold, may be spread through interaction with other people. TheFitExpo events may be attended by many people. If you do attend, you agree that you will take all possible steps to protect your health and the health of others attending the event. You further agree that, by using an admission pass and attending, you thereby waive any claim of liability you might make against National Fitness Productions, TheFitExpo or its officers, directors, employees and agents as a result of your contracting disease or illness from attending one of our events, and you agree that you will indemnify, defend and hold harmless National Fitness Productions, TheFitExpo. and its officers, directors, employees and agents against any loss that any of them may suffer or be obligated to pay as a result of any claim that may be made against any of them by others, as a result of your attending the event, including, but not limited to, legal damages, attorney’s fees and court costs. If you are unsure of your status, please consult with your doctor before attending. You further agree that should National Fitness Productions, TheFitExpo in its sole opinion believe that you may pose a threat to the health of others, it may deny you admission or request that you leave the event and that you understand and accept all risks that your attendance may encounter.