Good Posture

Days seem to be blending together during this quarantine and there are many of us working from home. It’s very possible that you’re working off of a makeshift desk, countertop, or straight from your bed. Without our normal routine and workspace, we’ve needed to compromise. One thing we should not compromise on is our posture. Having good posture has many benefits and is good for your overall presence and health.

If you need more convincing, here are some of the ways good posture helps you.

Fewer headaches
Increased energy levels
Reduces lower back pain
Increase lung capacity
Improve circulation and digestion
Strengthen core
Improve workout form
Increase self confidence

And here are some quick ways to help your posture if you’re sitting and working.

Don’t cross your legs – it’s best when your feet are flat on the ground
Make sure your feet touch the floor – if not possible, use a footrest
Relax your shoulders
Keep your elbows close to your body – bent between 90 and 120 degrees
Fully support your back – use a pillow if your chair does not have support
Take a walk – go for a brief walk to release tension
Switch positions – this helps relieve tension as well


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