Abhish Desai

Personal Trainer, The Desai Life

Fitness Influencer MashUp

Abhish Desai is a trainer with a law degree, known on IG as @thedesailifestyle he’s also an accomplished photographer, videographer and has created his own fitness brand, The Desai Lifestyle. He specializes in a combination of bodyweight functional training, primal movements, strength training, and boxing, which he blends into an agile style designed for flexibility, speed, and explosive power. Abhish created The Desai Lifestyle to show the world that being truly fit should be made an attainable goal for everyone. Offering workouts for all levels and to those from all walks of life, Abhish’s mission is to help people explore what fitness really means, what being healthy really means, and how to achieve a sustainable blend of both. As Abhish says, “it’s not about having one end goal, but learning how to achieve it that makes life worth it”. Fitness transformed his own life, and Abhish believes that with the right education and guidance, it can transform all our lives.

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