Bass Brigforth

The Guru Pad and Colorado Yogi

His first thirty days of sobriety that stand true in the man that Bass Brigforth is happened in his first 200-hour yoga teacher training. By immersing himself in yoga for 30 days straight, Bass was able to make major life changes. No longer homeless, no longer broke, no longer lost- he found his balance. Bass immediately wanted to give it back. So, he created COLO- the brand that would eliminate the barriers to entry around yoga, making yoga accessible to EVERY ‘body’. This led to the design and marketing of the GuruPad™ to be the driver of that mission. Now as a business owner and Yoga Education influencer, Bass and COLO are bringing the opportunity to TheFitExpo. Meet Bass at TheFitExpo Group Training Zone and experience the difference an accessible yoga mat can make in your personal practice.

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