Bayan Sharafi

Bayan has been baking and experimenting with macro friendly recipes for the last 12 years. In 2017 he won Muscle Insiders Best Protein Chef competition and was Optimum Nutrition’s Protein Chef. In 2018 he opened up his own Gluten-free Protein donut shop in Calgary, Alberta and created a place where people can buy unique and flavorful desserts higher in protein. He now bakes daily, constantly expanding his skills and knowledge in the food world.

Bayan will be demonstrating how to make dough with added protein powder, which will add a higher protein content when you make pizza or cinnamon buns. Will also be preparing fresh guacamole integrating unflavored unflavoured Isopure protein powder. One serving of guacamole can now have 14g of protein! Instead of the usual 1g. And, Bayan will make an edible protein cookie dough that’s low in sugar, and the magical part is you can bake the dough into cookies too!

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