Beyah “Slush” Del Mundo

Creator and founder of SLUSHROPES

Workout with Slush on Sunday 8/5 at the GTZ

Beyah del Mundo, also known as Slush, is the visionary creator and founder of “SLUSHROPES”, an up-and-coming fitness rope company sweeping the world with her colorfully loud and unapologetically hype, premium flow ropes. “SLUSHROPES” is a disruptive brand known for breaking ceilings outside of the fitness norm and is deeply rooted in diverse communities throughout the United States and worldwide in Hong Kong, Norway, Philippines, Canada, and more! Although she is a pioneer in the rope flow community, Beyah is also a certified Rope Flow Coach (Rope Flow Academy) and Level 1 Steel Mace Flow Coach.

What is Rope Flow?

Systemized by David Weck, creator of the world-renowned Bosu Ball, rope flow started out as movement practice solely for mobility purposes — aka the ability to move our bodies better. Initially, Slush came from a skilled jump rope background but eventually encountered a painful ankle injury that would prevent her from jumping. Throughout rehabbing this injury, she discovered the rope flow modality — a rope exercise without the need to jump the rope. She was instantly hooked as she found a new and unconventional form of fitness. Little did she know, what started out as a way to rehab and move to her favorite music, would inevitably change her life forever.

Slush’s Mission and Rope Flow Journey:

In her journey, she discovered that rope flow has an immense overlap that goes beyond the physical benefits of movement. She found the ability to morph play, communication, fitness, and meditation all into one activity.

Through connecting with others in the community, Slush realized that rope flow has the ability to heal others on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level through what is now defined as “flow state”. They say “movement is medicine” and SLUSHROPES Culture celebrates this mantra through the benefits of physical and soul mobility — the ability to get unstuck from emotions through the therapeutic release of movement.

With mobility training popularity on the rise, everyone can benefit from rope flow. This modality spares no one. And that’s the beauty of it. We all strive to move our bodies better! Slush has had kids as young as six-years-old to older adults in their seventies attend workshops and enjoy moving with her high-quality flow ropes. SLUSHROPES has raving testimonials from athletes with various backgrounds, physical therapists, coaches, fitness influencers, and from the average person simply looking to move better.

As an LGBTQ, women-owned, and minority-owned company, “SLUSHROPES” strives to unite people through fitness, flow, and play. Slush is committed to teaching the art and modality of rope flow worldwide, showing that people from all walks of life, sizes, ages, and abilities are able to find value in this exhilaratingly fun and beneficial practice. Her purpose in this community is simple: make movement look so fun that we forget we’re working out.

“Rope Flow With Slush” is debuting at the Anaheim Fit Expo for the first time, and is considered to be historic for the rope flow community. You can expect a “Zumba like”, easy-to-follow class, colorful demo ropes available for use, and an immersive activity that will get you hooked! But don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself and find out.