Brad Castleberry

Bodybuilder & Online Trainer

I have been weight training for over 15 years and have trained for bodybuilding, power lifting, as well as for football. It all started with the weights, I used to lift with my friends in my garage after school. All I had was a small bench, a couple of dumbbells and a curl bar so I had to be creative with my workouts. At 15 my Mom got me my first gym membership and I have never looked back. I competed in my first bodybuilding show at 19 and fell in love with the rush I got when I was on stage, By competing and ultimately succeeding I received my pro card from the natural show series Muscle Mania. After endless competitions I decided to take a break, because competing is hard on your body and mind. But, being the competitor that I am I still needed that feeling of competition in my life. So, I started training for football and participated in two NFL combines where I undoubtedly turned heads with my strength, vertical leap, and overall athleticism. Shortly after, I signed up at a local junior college and walked onto their football team where I played for two years. Playing football taught me a whole new skill set and broadened my training methods. Most importantly, it taught me how to be a functional athlete. After years of endless training as well as much trial and error I have figured out what works best for strengthening and shaping my body. I’ve come a long way and now I want to use my knowledge and experience to motivate others. Whether they are an athlete, a power lifter, or just trying to maintain a fit life, I want to inspire people to stay active and live healthy.

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