Christian Woelk

Fitness Trainer, RYT, CPT

Christian is a Personal Trainer, Yoga instructor and Co-Director of San Diego Wellness Source. His innovative wellness company brings yoga and other wellness services to individuals, small groups, hotels, and corporations. Christian holds certifications with the American Council on Exercise, Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists. Having been a fitness and sports enthusiast his whole life, he brings his passion and dedication into helping clients be successful in achieving goals. Christian is also a licensed youth soccer coach and certified indoor cycle instructor. With the addition of being a Yoga instructor, Christian brings his knowledge and practical application of the body-mind connection and how this can play such a vital role in all aspects of your workouts and your life.
Find Your Zen with Christian at 5pm on Saturday. Finish the First Day of TheFitExpo with a stretch to lengthen and align!