Christopher Spell



Christopher Spell is the 2x Guinness World Record holder for the “Highest Standing Jump” aka the “Highest Box Jump” and he also holds the record for the “Highest Standing Backflip”! Chris is also a professional dunker and is well known in the athletics/jumping/dunking community, being frequently featured on SportsCenter, Good Morning America, House of Highlights, Worldstar, and others! Last month, his latest viral post received over 100 million views! He is also the owner of Against Odds Athletics Inc. which is his personal training corporation. His goal is to help athletes jump higher and to help athletes succeed in their athletic and fitness careers!

At the Hurdle Booth #1418, you’ll find World Record Jumper, Christopher Spell with his set of adjustable hurdles. He is hosting two competitions: the highest standing hurdle jump and the highest running hurdle jump. There will be one winner for each competition with a cash prize of $100 for each winner! Stop by his booth to qualify Saturday with the competition to take place on Sunday. Click here for more details >>