Emmett Bishop

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Emmett BishopHow I got into fitness

As a young man being exposed to several sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, football, swimming, baseball and crew I was always looking for a way to better my performance. I found those ways through a science based approach in not only training but in nutrition as well.

My Goals

My goals and my goal for the gym are to help as many people as possible have a safe and amazing relationship with fitness. To show others that using a science based approach and proper program design any fitness goal is achievable. To help push each and every one of my clients to the next level and build their confidence to know the next level is always achievable.

  • Bachelors of science in the concentration of Exercise physiology.
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist(CSCS) through National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).
  • Sports Performance coach through (USAW).
  • Black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


Hiking, weightlifting, expanding my fitness knowledge base, pushing myself to new levels of intensity, continue my nutrition education including supplement programs, learning the newest scientific developments as they pertain to fitness, investigating the latest in fitness fads and trends, playing with new equipment to implement in the gym


By never accepting just the norm but to think outside the box. Question the trends and the fads and expand them with the best knowledge in the field. Take a lil bit from all and make it your own. The best approach isn’t always the easiest in fitness. At times it will be uncomfortable and down right humbling but if you’re willing to push yourself for something you’ve never had but always wanted then and only then can you begin to think massive!!

Why Monolith

The names Monolith and Bishop’s may be different but the underlying message is the same. To get you in the best shape possible as quick and as healthy as possible. Finding a company like Monolith that is dedicated to reaching out to as many people as possible and showing them the right way is a simple pick for the BTF.

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