Harris Martin

Physical Therapist, Dancer, Trainer and Co-Owner of Shawn Harris Fitness: Bounce

Harris Martin, PhD & RPT grew up in Houston, TX. He started dancing ballet at the age of 8, became a part of the Ben Stevenson showcase at the Houston Ballet Company at the age of 11 and slowly transitioned into Contemporary and Hip Hop styles at the age of 17. This was around the same time Harris started to fall in love with fitness. He started lifting weights in the gym to prepare him for lifting women during dance performances. Harris made a decision to stop dancing as much when he was in his MBA program at the University of North Texas. Once he graduated, he moved to South Korea to teach English, but to his surprise, 3 months into his teaching contract his life was interrupted. He was offered a position to train and choreograph Hip Hop teams and K-Pop groups. His most exciting accomplishments were training EXO for two and a half years and receiving a Master’s in Kinesiology from Jeju University. Harris moved back to Texas after nearing 4 years in Korea to fulfill his passion as a dancer and fitness guru. He spent 3 years in Texas and then decided to move to Los Angeles after Hurricane Harvey left him with the decision to start over. Harris studied Healthcare Administration at Grand Canyon University and Physical Therapy at Mt. St. Mary’s. Today, Harris has a doctorate in Healthcare Administration and he is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He is the owner of The Harris Martin Method in Los Angeles.

Work Out with Harris at the Group Training Zone Stage

Can’t wait for Anaheim?! Don’t have to… Shawn Harris Fitness Bounce classes happen every Saturday in Los Angeles. Reach out via social media for more information.

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