Iliana Mendoza

Meet Iliana Mendoza, Hydration Expert, from Southern California Based Hydration Station.  This company is a proud sponsor of the Group Training Zone stage and will be doing a fun “Walking on Water” contest both Saturday and Sunday.  As an exhibitor at TheFitExpo, Hydration Station will be marketing Kangen Water® Ionizers – Affordable Home Water Purification system that helps you put your health first.  Enagic not only purifies your drinking water… it does MUCH! If you are searching for information on the best water purification system or the best water filter system for your home drinking water, you have just found the ultimate home water purification system technology available.

Change Your Water ~ Change Your Life! Iliana is proud to market this important wellness tool.  She is a work out fanatic and a true believer in a making people aware of a more holistic approach to significantly improving their health along with educating people about hydration.

Come meet Iliana at the GTZ and learn how to maintain a more natural lifestyle with the basis for our entire body chemistry —  water!