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Flex-N-Flex Athlete

SAT & SUN, AUGUST 25-26 | Flex-N-Flex Booth #800

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We, FlexnFlex are recognized among the industry’s leading Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Suppliers of high quality fitness apparel and accessories for men and women. We offer complete OEM and Private Label fitness clothing & accessories manufacturing service. We carry out all our manufacturing processes in-house and have emerged as the ultimate wholesale destination for all kinds of fitness apparel & accessories. We have worked with brands from all over the country. Some of these brands are well established and have been around for years while others are just starting out. YOU THINK IT. WE MAKE IT!

We have a team of highly passionate and talented designers and having access to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and facilities. We are at a favorable position to offer you with all-inclusive OEM and Private Label fitness clothing & accessories services.

Our custom services are for business owners looking to promote their brand through promotional clothing, independent designers launching their own clothing line, sports team managers looking to create new and unique uniforms for their teams and so on.

You get everything that your private label fitness clothing brand wants to specialize in. The private label brands will get everything in a wide variety of colors, cuts, styles, deigns, sizes and fabrics. Our products ensure the trendiest style elements that are infused to bring in the best silhouettes on your customers, and make them buy more from your venture.

Main Clothing Products:- T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies, Joggers, Shorts, Leggings, Sports Bra etc.

Main Accessories Products:- Wrist Wraps, Straps, Weight Lifting Belts, Gloves, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves etc.

Label and Hangtags – If you do not already have your own brand, care, size and country of origin labels, we are happy to develop these for you.

Research and Development – Proper research and planning is very important before starting a project, however big or small it may seem.

Design Boards – Have a sketch/inspiration/idea that you want to turn into reality? We work with your concept and turn it into a production friendly design.

Design Consultation – Not sure where to begin? We offer free consultation to all.

No matter where you are in the process, we would be happy to start a conversation with you on how we can help bring your brand to life. Contact us today at sales@flexnflex.com and make your dream turn into a reality.