James Strickland

Meet me in Booth 1334

James started competitive powerlifting in late 2014, has since gone on to bench 661 lbs in the 275 weight class as well as 672 lbs in the 308 weight class, currently holding the #11 biggest raw bench of all time, regardless of weight class. A competitive swimmer from the age of 14, as well as an NFL tryout in 2010, James is a well rounded athlete not just a powerlifter. James’ goal is not only to be one of very few men to bench over 700 raw, but to be the lightest body weight to do it.
A U.S. Navy veteran, husband and father of 3, businessman and strength coach, James has learned to balance and excel in all of them.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Best meet lifts: 760 squat, 672 bench, 783 deadlift, 2183 Raw full meet total (Top 10 All Time in 308 wt class)