Jason Ottley

Ritual Head Coach

With over a decade of personal training under his belt, a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology & Exercise Science and a drive to help people find their fitness path, Jason Ottley was the perfect fit for Head Coach at LA’s newest fitness powerhouse; RITUAL GYM. Although Ritual has been around since 2012 in 5 other countries, Jason helped open the first US location in Santa Monica, CA this past June hiring and training the entire Coaching staff. Prior to his time at Ritual, Jason spent over 5 years with Equinox as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in different locations across the US. While with Equinox, he was selected and recognized for various leadership initiatives including; educating peers on movement, nutrition and regeneration, mentorship roles for new trainees, top sales performers, Trainer of the Month and Team Captain, just to name a few. In addition to his successful role at Equinox, he has established his own personal training business, “Live. Inspire. Transform.” which he still runs successfully today. Through his business he has helped countless people achieve their dreams and shared his wealth of knowledge in 3 fundamental areas: movement, nutrition and recovery. In his spare time he enjoys hanging with his family, regularly joining the JLP podcast and actively following various sports teams.

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