Juan Valtierra

GOFLO Master Trainer

San Diego based, result focused, quality-driven trainer with nine years of experience creating in depth fitness programs for small groups and individuals. Highly motivated to help others reach their health and fitness goals through adaptive exercise programming. Adept at creating a warm environment in which clients of all ages can successfully achieve their health and wellness goals. As a soccer player and certified personal trainer, Juan has worked a lot with other athletes and couples who enjoy working out with a trainer at home. Juan learned that while both partners are not always equal, they can both workout side by side and challenge themselves. The key for Juan is sequencing exercises for the pair that challenge each of their weaknesses and harness their own individual strengths. Through his experience, Juan was tapped to be a master trainer for both COED Crunch and GOFLO Trainer. Juan has additional training and certifications in massage therapy and also enjoys incorporating mind body coaching into any training he conducts. You can find Juan in the Training Camp of TheFitExpo Virtual Experience. And, Juan often represents TheFitExpo as an ambassador at Pop Up events.

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