Katerina Kountouris

Owner, Axios Nutrition

Katerina Kountouris is a Personal Trainer, Nutritionists and Emcee for the NBA Sacramento Kings. Katerina has a lifelong passion for fitness that steps from gymnastics and a lifelong quest to leverage how nutrition can impact your fitness level and life. Her B.S. in Clinical Nutrition from UC Davis has come in handy as she trained as a bikini pro and energizing her to dance for the Sacramento Kings as their team captain for several years. The last few years Katerina has emerged as an energetic host and enjoys being the emcee for NBA games. She says the Kings organization has given her a new platform to have a voice, an influence within the health and fitness community to promote proper nutrition, teach lifelong balance, and break stereotypes. Through her work with Monolithic Life, she has been able to inspire others to raise their wellness to new heights by focusing on nutrition and workouts. Her nutrition expertise powers Monolith’s nutrition platform and her own company, Axios Nutrition. Meet Katerina at the Group Training Zone stage as she emcees the exciting day of demos, workouts or challenges and/or find her at www.axiosnutrition.com.

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