Lauren Viera

Owner, Alchemy Fit Lab

Born and Raised in Whittier ca, Lauren Viera grew up always loving being active and expressing herself through exercise and lifting weights. But as time and life happened she placed exercise and nutrition on the back burner. She gained at one point 75 pounds and weighed 215lbs, she lost some of her vigor for life and with that depression set in. After her reevaluating her situation and with the help and encouragement of her wife she enrolled in a boot camp that was the catalyst that reinvigorated her fitness journey and also her journey in the awareness of others. During, this time at the boot camp Lauren knew that she was going to create her own program, where she can help others in a similar or even different scenario make the changes that were relevant to them. Lauren is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and her facility, Alchemy Fit Lab, harnesses the latest fitness tools including Kangoo Jumps, to trainer her clients in small groups or one on one at Alchemy Fit Lab in Whittier.

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