Liz & Cinee

Owners, LiCi Fit

Meet Liz and Cinee – the fashion forward trainers behind the brand Lici Fit. As group fitness instructors, certified personal trainers and fitness influencers these two beauties run around Los Angeles in fitness wear 6 days a week. They teach booty bootcamp clasess at some of the hottest gyms in LA, work with personal training clients from 6-6 each day and enjoy their own workouts to keep their bodies in shape. At TheFitExpo they are going to treat our Group Training Zone participants to their Booty workout because, let’s face it, in 2019 it is all about the booty! Their workout on the GTZ Stage will be both Saturday and Sunday afternoon and will include a booty band as your instant prize. Check the GTZ Schedule for the exact time. Come dressed to workout with Liz and Cine’. LiciFit is leading the way in workout apparel for ladies who love to workout but want to look good as they run around all day!

Using our backgrounds in fashion and fitness, Liz and Cine created LiCi Fit. Their clothes are designed to encourage self-confidence and spark drive in women who aren’t afraid to stand out. We love the way our LiCi Fit clothing makes us feel good and look good at the gym, and we want to give other women that exact same feeling of empowerment.

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