Mark Valeriote

Bar Athlete

Mark Valeriote is an International Freestyle Calisthenics Athlete, Certified Coach in Calisthenics, & Founder of “RubbaDuckGang” brand. He was born & raised in Fresno, CA on February 10th, 2000. Before he discovered calisthenics, he weighed 190 Lbs in his freshman year & played video games all day everyday with no experience in gymnastics or parkour. He first started going to the gym doing random machines & lifting some weights but these methods of exercise didn’t seem to do the trick for Mark & got repetitive quickly.

One day he saw a guy at the gym doing muscle ups, V-sits, & handstands which intrigued him enough to ask him what these moves were. In May 2016, he started his Calisthenics journey with his new friend from the gym & worked on strict bodyweight exercises to build strength which gave him incredible results not only physically, but mentally & spiritually as well. Mark’s overall goals switched from winning video games to learning how to master & control his bodyweight, which would then lead to controlling his life better.