Melina Vlahos

Workout with Melina in the Celebrity Influencer Bootcamp
Sunday 1:30 at the Group Training Zone Stage

Melina Vlahos Appearing All Weekend
Melina Fitness
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Guests — David Welch + Adriana Gentile Sheffer

Melina Vlahos of Melina Fitness is a new mama to a beautiful baby girl, dog mom, and highly regarded Wellness Brand. With over 20 years experience as a fitness pro, certified sports nutritionist and entrepreneur, my BIGGEST passion is helping women look and feel their best. Building confidence is NOT easy. I’m here to be honest, real and relatable.

Whether you are looking to detox (or as I call it “FIT-TOX”), get your nutrition back on track, fit in your skinny jeans, kick start your metabolism, level up your routine, or just need some extra support, Melina works to support clients on their journey!

Melina’s motto – let’s be friends, because there aren’t enough real ones out there! Together we can accomplish all of your goals and most importantly, to live a healthy, fit life!