Melina Vlahos

Trainer, Melina Fitness

Meet Melina Vlahos from Melina Fitness, an industry pro and all-around hot trainer. She is passionate about helping to drive change in people’s lives. Melina says that fitness is beyond a “dumbbell” or a “meal plan you have to follow.” Her view is that fitness is a way of life that drives you to become the best version of YOU. It teaches you important lessons that you use in all aspects of your life. Fundamentals of strength, core function, and cardio are her specialties. Melina puts her passion and Greek fiery personality into all her training sessions and workouts popular on IGTV, Reels and her website. In addition to her science-based training approach and fun personality there is one more thing that Moves Melina- It’s the Music! Melina is a sponsored athlete who collabs with many companies but most recently has found Power Music Workout on Spotify. Find the Melina Fitness Power Music Workout Playlist on Spotify and get hooked on both! You can find Melina in TheFitExpo’s Virtual Experience Training Camp. She has uploaded some TheFitExpo memories AND several workouts you can enjoy!

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