Melody Kandil

Celebrity Trainer Collab @ 3pm

Melody Kandil (@msmelodyrae) is a life long athlete and competitor who has been making an impact on the fitness industry for some time. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Total Body Band. The Total Body Band family of stellar athletes and trainers includes Blake McCoy, Tony Thomas, Melody Rae and Brendan Brazier, who have all played integral roles in our development and launch. She is the VP who oversees ambassadors for the Ultimate Health & Fitness Eco-System Social Marketplace Platform. Paving the way to an easier fitness lifestyle. Empowering Trainers, Instructors, and Specific Sport Coaches.

Melody Rae Kandil was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She grew up playing basketball which led her to a full ride scholarship at the University of Tennessee at Martin. After a year she decided to leave her full ride and pursue modeling. She traveled worldwide as a fashion model and still works in the industry to date.

She began acting in theater as a child but as she grew up basketball took over. She decided to start acting classes again in NYC for fun in 2011. She then moved to Los Angeles and years later decided to pursue acting once again. It’s always been something on her heart. She landed her first role, a lead role at that in She Ball which premiered August 6th 2021. She is ready to take on what this new chapter in life has to offer and is looking forward to many more roles and adventures.

Work out with Melody at the Group Training Zone on Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p.m.

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