Michael Cummings

BlazePod Brand Ambassador

BlazePod – Cognitive and Physical Training
Sat & Sun, 11:00 am-11:30 am, Group Training Zone

Michael Cummings or more widely known as Coach Cummings or MC, has worked in the sports and fitness industry for more than 20 years. He has owned and operated gyms, yoga studios and wellness centers. He has designed and built the infrastructure for several successful health clubs, wellness centers and hotel wellness programs globally. He consults for many of the industry’s top brands on product development, research, education and programming. As an inventor he has created several award winning products and has more than 50 patents in his name. He consults with governments, Olympic committees, and military. He has expert level knowledge in fitness, athletic training and cognitive training. He holds certifications in neuroscience, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, personal training and a degree in Kinesiology – Physical Therapy. He is an international educator, author/contributor and spreaker/presenter.

• Kinesiology Degree – Physical Therapy (SDSU)

• Brain Trainer

• Performance Specialist

• Rehabilitation Specialist

• Fitness Specialist

• 10 Years Personal Trainer

• 10+ Years Strength & Conditioning Coach

• International Presenter / Keynote Speaker

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