Nick Ansom

Nick Ansom has a unique story. Few people that move to Venice Beach have been as impactful on the community as he has. At 13 years of age the Ansom’s decided to pack up their home in France and descend on Los Angeles. They ended in the hardened town of Venice Beach. Venice 18 years ago wasn’t the gentrified metropolitan it is now. The Boardwalk ran wild with gangs and crime was rampant. Nick found solace here because the Boardwalk was home to Nicks first love, Basketball. He recalls learning most of his english on these courts and credits them for shaping the man he is today. Since then Nick has become a critical member of the Venice Community and this year he’ll celebrate 10 years of the league he founded, The Venice Basketball League. Nick still mixes it on the court as well as anyone but these days he finds more joy in elevating the sport and bringing it to those less fortunate.

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