Rhasaan Sherrill

Dancer, Trainer and Co-Owner of Shawn Harris Fitness: Bounce

Hailing from Los Angeles, Rhasaan (Shawn) Sherrill, MS has taught hip hop dance for over 10 years to teaching ages ranging from 5-adult. Her styles fuses old school (popping, locking, & breaking) with new school moves. Shawn graduated with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology (Dance Emphasis). Dance has been such a source of fulfillment that in 2016 she started her own mobile, hip-hop based company. Shawn decided to take her love for movement to the next level by certifying in personal training. She combines the fundamentals of fitness and dance to provide a robust program that promotes physical fitness and fun to her clientele.

Work Out with Rhasaan at the Group Training Zone Stage

Can’t wait for Anaheim?! Don’t have to… Shawn Harris Fitness Bounce classes happen every Saturday in Los Angeles. Reach out via social media for more information.

Shawn Harris Fitness app: https://shawnharrisfitness.fitterapp.app