Rubi Rymenmy

Strength Project Athlete

An entrepreneur and fitness pioneer, Rubi is the founder of Art Flying Yoga. Rubi started practicing and teaching yoga in 2005, and aerial art in 2012. Rubi was raised in Veracruz, Mexico, and was exposed to healing arts at an early age by her grandmother. Since 2005, Rubi has explored a range of movement arts, from tai chi to vinyasa, Pilates to Aerial Yoga and Arts. She is a certified yoga instructor through the White Lotus Foundation, and has advanced certifications in Aerial Yoga, Reiki and Qi Gong. Rubi is also a first generation Mexican-American business owner. In 2018, she opened Cheatdayland in downtown LA, an immersive pop-up museum, broadening her fitness and lifestyle brand. Whether in her classes or the experiences she curates, Rubi inspires people to bring levity and joy to their lives. To both calm and enliven the mind and body, while discovering reserves of strength and confidence within. Her classes are fun with easy to follow instructions. They encourage all levels to explore and broaden their range, while honoring and working with current limitations. Rubi brings a sensitivity to those special touch points, in exercise and in our lives, that enrich the human experience.

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