Chef Sally Cameron

Pro Trained Chef, Published Author, Certified Health Coach & Juice Coach

LIVE Sunday, November 15th, 1:45 pm PST @ the Healthy Eating Kitchen
(available on-Demand starting November 16, 2020)
Fast Fuel for Pre and Post Workouts: You can’t enjoy a workout, reach your health goals, or get the most out of your time investment if you’re not properly fueled. Join Chef Sally Cameron for ideas on heathy snacks for better workouts and post-workout recovery.

Sally Cameron is a professionally trained chef, Certified Health Coach, speaker, recipe developer, wellness devotee and fitness fan. She’s passionate about educating, encouraging, and empowering people to live healthy lives. Sally’s developed recipes for Dr. Mark Hyman’s New York Times bestseller Eat Fat Get Thin, The Daniel Plan Cookbook and other projects. Once forty and flabby, Sally discovered fitness and nutrition which changed her life. Going gluten-free, detoxing from heavy metals, Lyme and mold and dealing with histamine intolerance are all part of her journey. She publishes health-focused recipes plus wellness and nutrition posts on her website

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