Samantha Caudle

Samantha has been dancing over 20 years with her love for dance blooming at a young age. She began her dance journey studying ballet and being a part of the Indiana Ballet theater. She then began to explore movement further focusing on modern styles including: Horton, Graham, and Dunham. Samantha moved to New York to continue to study at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. At 18, Samantha moved to LA and started a career in commercial dancing and choreography. Samantha also started hosting and performing with the World of Dance competition while learning community based styles and creativity.

With a wide range of dance knowledge, Samantha now travels as a choreographer for music artists, dance studio competitive teams, NFL dance teams,and record labels. She also teaches for major studios and is one of Playground LA’s most popular teachers!

Samantha has worked for artists such as: Jason Derulo, J Balvin, Pia Mia, Wiz Kid, Sean Paul and more.

Follow her on Instagram: @samanthacaudle9 and TikTok: @samanthacaudle


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