Sophia DeSantis

Health & Wellness Author “Veggies Don’t Bite”, Real Food Real Conversations, Podcaster

LIVE Sunday, November 15th, 10:45 am PST @ the Healthy Eating Kitchen
(available on-Demand starting November 16, 2020)
Long Term Meal Family Meal Planning, Delicious Meals in Less than 30 Minutes: Have you ever struggled to make meal planning work long term? You aren’t alone. Are you ready to feel empowered instead of overwhelmed when it comes to feeding your family?
Here’s what you’ll learn:
– You are not a meal planning failure
– You can make healthy delicious meals in less than 30 minutes
– Your meal system can match your varying energy levels

I’m Sophia, referee to three boys and one husband here in sunny San Diego. My talent is using whole food ingredients to create simple plant-based recipes that are bursting with flavor! I also provide guidance, systems and support to help real life busy people get healthier without tearing their hair out. I believe in a great balance between salad and fries, because life is too short for food guilt.

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