Stan “The Man” McQuay

IFBB Pro, Founder of PHYSIQUE INC.

Stan McQuay has been an icon in the fitness, bodybuilding and martial arts industries for over 22 years. Having earned two black belts in martial arts and being the first athlete in the United States to obtain professional status in two of the major world bodybuilding organizations (IFBB and Musclemania) and has appeared in the Olympia 4 times, his work ethic, self-discipline and determination to succeed are unquestioned.

Having graced over 100 book and magazine covers worldwide and hosting his own
TV workout shows on ESPN, FOX and The Discovery Channel, his name is synonymous with fitness. After winning the 2006 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships, McQuay used his notoriety and now 22 years of private training experience to establish Physique Incorporated, thereby becoming a major player in the “celebrity market.” In just the first year of business, McQuay’s client list had become a who’s who of entertainers and athletes, including the likes of rappers Dr. Dre and Xzibit, from the movie 300 – Gerard Butler, Fast & Furious Star – Vin Diesel and UFC world champion Georges St. Pierre, as well as several IFBB, NFL and Major League Baseball players.

Stan McQuay has now raised the bar in the world of fitness even higher. Having been a proven champion throughout his life, both as an athlete and elite trainer, he took a step even further to dispense his knowledge and experience in maximizing physical performance by creating a competition team called PHYSIQUE INC.: a competitive bodybuilding and physique team. In doing so, he has capitalized on not only the ever- expanding fitness revolution, but also the increasing popularity of one of the country’s fastest growing sports, Men’s Physique and Classic Physique. McQuay has been a recognized authority in the bodybuilding and training world for decades, making him the ideal catalyst for making such an endeavor successful.

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