Strength Project Athletes

Special Guests include Dru Peeples, Gabriel Padilla, Arash Baboo, Andrew Hoskins, Enrique Bribiesca, Jonas Rullier and Quinlan Young. Cameraman: Rashaud Armstrong

Stronger by the day! Strength Project is about daily progress. Showcasing the worlds best athletes and their journey to superhuman capabilities.

Arash Baboo started Strength in 2009. Strength Project has become one of the top leaders in fitness content around the world. Strength Project showcases high end: Tutorials, Documentaries and Highlight Fitness Videos. Featuring iconic documentaries, such as Strongest Man You’ve Never Heard Of: CT Fletcher, Monster: The Kali Muscle Story, Brazil Favela Heroes, African Beast Alseny and Sekou, The Movement! Ido Portal and many more. Strength Project also start co started Frank Medrano, Simonster, Juji Mufo & Sam Tribble to the forefront of fitness and calisthenics social media. Strength Project continues to perform at festivals around the world and showcase street workout legends.

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