T.J. Hoban

Fitness Model, Actor & Producer

I was a scrawny, shy kid with no self confidence. I couldn’t talk to a girl, let alone get a date. Tired of being bullied, I asked my mom for a weight set on my 13th birthday, turned my garage into a gym and started fighting for my life like I was Rocky. If you would’ve told me that I would grow up to land on the cover of 150 fitness magazines, work with greats like Schwarzenegger, Stallone and many others; and go on to star in TV and films like The Perfect Physique, I wouldn’t have believed it. Fitness changed my life and empowered me in ways that I embrace to this day. As a fitness coach nothing brings me a greater sense of purpose than helping a friend reach their goals and change their life too. It’s an amazing journey for which I have dedicated my life in helping others achieve.

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