Tianna Gregory


Tianna Gregory has become a brand in her own right. She has come a long way from when she first left her home town of South Lake Tahoe, CA to move to Los Angeles. Being ambitious, in 2012 Tianna started collaborating with well known photographers. As she gained experience and became more comfortable in front of the camera, her following grew tremendously. Through social media Tianna has become more than just a model, but she has become synonymous with the skate and street-wear industries. She has taken her career to the next level by becoming a public figure that is dedicated and motivated. A strict diet and fitness routine has allowed Tianna, not only to better herself, but branch out to work with various companies and gain lead roles. These days she is constantly working, staring in music videos, modeling, hosting and creating a brand with her own merchandise. Tianna always makes time to answer her millions of supporters over her various social media outlets and at events. Her goal is to keep motivating and continue to grow herself.

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Appearance courtesy of:

Visual Apparel (Van Styles)
The Hundreds
Crooks & Castles
Civil Clothing
“Want To Want Me” – Jason Derulo (Music Video)
Various Boutiques (lifestyle fashion)