Toni Pitruzzello


Toni Pitruzzello is the first ever WOW THE CROWD SAN DIEGO winner. She earned her BA in Theatre Arts (Acting), focusing her study on the Suzuki Method. When Toni found Jazzercise, she found the perfect workout AND the perfect way to fulfill her love of the stage – all in one! Toni has represented Jazzercise all over the US and abroad. She loves to travel and is very connected to “la dolce vita” of Italy, where she has taught classes from Milan to Sicily. When Toni isn’t teaching classes or working at Jazzercise, Inc. as their Video On Demand Specialist, she can be found on the beach, with her family.

Dance with Toni in the The Wow the Crowd Showcase on Saturday at 4:00 pm on the Group Training Zone Stage. Workout & Win with Toni!