Tyshawn Bryant

CEO & Founder, Green Regimen

Green Regimen Booth
From humble beginnings, Certified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, Tyshawn Bryant has earned himself a place in history. Now CEO and Founder of Green Regimen, a Plant Based Health & Nutrition Company, Tyshawn has created the first Plant Based CBD Protein.

A native of Connecticut, Tyshawn never thought that Health and Fitness would be his career path. However, one afternoon, he received a call from his Mother that would change the course of his life forever—she had Cancer. After nursing his Mother back to health, Tyshawn discovered his true passion. He now travels the globe spreading the importance of High Quality nutrition. We all want to look good and feel great and that’s Green Regimen’s specialty. Green Regimen is exploding, with a large customer base around the country and with products that are far ahead of its competitors. Tyshawn has made it his mission to help all people achieve Optimal Health by way of living a high quality lifestyle.