James Ellis Training Camp

Shoulder Shaper: Beginner/Intermediate

This is a 30 minute workout (warm-up, 14 minutes of High Intensity Resistance Training, 7 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, and a cool-down). 20/40 interval splits (20 seconds hard and 30 second break). If your goal is toning and fat burning, than this is the class for you! Required equipment: resistance Bands (suggest bottle of water and workout towel).

ABOUT: James Ellis transformed from a skinny 35 lb. high school nerd to 195 lbs. of rippling muscle and a body of steel! He became known as of the top male fitness cover models, the 2011 WBFF Fitness Model World Champion and a Sponsored athlete. He has also had success in acting and appeared on several talk shows and commercials. James’s most recent passion is traveling and speaking/preaching.