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Journalist inquiries regarding TheFitExpo should be directed to:

Erin Ferries – erin.ferries@thefitexpo.com

  • Photography of individual exhibits in the Show is not permitted, unless the individual Exhibitor gives permission. Representatives of the press with credentials are excluded from this regulation.
  • Press badges are reserved for well-qualified editorial staff from approved media outlets.
  • Press credentials are not carried over year to year, you must register each year. Click here to view press categories and qualification requirements.
  • Thefitexpo reserves the right to refuse media badges, without cause, during pre-registration as well as onsite media registration. Due to high demand, media badges are limited in number.
  • Press Room Information:

  • The Press Room is available to qualified members of the Press.
  • The Press Room is open to qualified badge holders including: Press, Press Crew and Influencers.
  • Social Enthusiasts, Media Services and Media Support badge holders may enter the press room with a qualified badge holder.
  • The Press Room hosts the Connect to Press Events and provides a space to plug-in, work, host interviews and discussions.