No Equipment HIIT Workout

No Equipment HIIT Workout

If you don’t know already, HIIT stands for high intensity interval training.  In practice, it consists of intervals of anaerobic exercise followed by a rest/recovery period, making it a great way to get your heart rate up fast and burn some calories.  A lot of the movements mimic weighted exercises, though HIIT movements are often performed as body weight exercises, meaning they make for great toning as well! This HIIT workout is perfect for the park, at home, the gym – anywhere you’d like!



This workout is a circuit. Perform each exercise for 30 to 40 seconds (depending on your level of fitness and cardiovascular endurance).  Rest 20 to 30 seconds (depending on how long your exercise interval was).  Each exercise plus its rest period should take a minute for this workout, so plan accordingly!

The key is to maintain intensity during your exercise period, so try to perform each exercise as fast as possible with proper form.

·       Alternating jumping lunges – Begin in lunge position; when you jump you’ll be alternating the lunging leg and landing back into a lunge position These are killer.

·       Jumping jacks – You know this one.

·       Push-ups (or knee push-ups for beginners) — Again, you know this one.

·       Bicycle crunches — Laying on your back, put your hands behind your head, perform a cycling motion with your feet and bring your opposite elbow to your opposite knee in a crunching motion. Keep alternating.

·       Prisoner squats — Stand with your feet slightly past shoulder width apart with your toes angled outward, place your hands behind your head with your elbows back. Perform a squat (neutral spine, to parallel) and come back up.  For more of a challenge, don’t lock your knees when you come back up to maintain constant tension (ow).

·       High Knees — Speed here is key.

This 6-minute circuit can be repeated as many times as you’d like, but 2 to 4 times makes for a solid cardio session. Between circuits, rest one minute (or don’t rest at all if that’s what you’re about).

Happy sweating!

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