Intern, Intern! Read All About It!



My name is Shizuka and I am the new intern at TheFitExpo! I am elated to work for TheFitExpo and to learn about event coordinating for a company in the health and fitness industry. As an intern, my responsibilities include creating content for various social media channels, developing new projects, and assisting in any administrative work. Continue reading to learn more about my experience as an intern for TheFitExpo!


What have you taken away from your internship so far?/What did this internship help you learn about yourself?

Prior to interning with TheFitExpo, I had very limited experience in coordinating events. I received the internship offer around three weeks before TheFitExpo in San Jose were to take place and I was so taken aback when my supervisor explained the plethora of things that needed to be completed to prepare for the show. I learned that every task from looking for celebrity guests to organizing radio inventory, were responsibilities that were all important. My supervisor, Sydney, who is the Sales and Marketing Manager, taught me that oftentimes I would have to wear a lot of different hats. Being able to adapt to the working environment and having the willingness to expand my skillsets were a few new things that I learned were important to be aware of as an intern.  


What’s your favorite aspect of the internship?

My favorite aspect of the internship is definitely the team. A lot of the employees work remotely but my immediate team feels like family and they’re very supportive of everything I do. The road crew (team that helps set up the expos), are also a fun group of people and they definitely made my first expo a memorable one. Everybody works hard but they also know how to have fun and I love that this company holds this culture.


How does this internship help pave the way for your future endeavors?

Working for TheFitExpo has opened up a potential new career path for me in event coordinating. I have made a lot of relationships along the way with people including business owners, influencers, and even likeminded individuals who are interested in event planning. 

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