Battle of the Bars® created by the World Calisthenics Organization™ is the World’s leading promoter of Professional Calisthenics Competitions. The First of its kind to create Matched 1 on 1 Battles with Weight Classes, Round System, 10-point must, scoring and standardized judging criteria with 3 neutral judges. WCO also hosts a 16 man single elimination tournament which has a goal of finding the top athletes around the world.

WCO™ BATTLE OF THE BARS™ at the World Renowned FitExpo!

Battle of the Bars® at the TheFitExpo is a can’t miss event, where we match up the Best Freestyle Calisthenics Athletes from around the world against one another to battle 1 vs 1 showing the judges who is the most well rounded athlete. Performing some of the most insane Olympic level bodyweight strength and dynamic combinations that will blow your mind! One fan says “This is like Gymnastics on crack! These athletes are performing crazy Olympic moves on steel Bars!

The stage for TheFitExpo Battle of the Bars® US Tour is set to ignite the crowd with some of the most incredibly talented Athletes on the planet, showing the Fitness community this is what our cutting edge sport is all about.

The WCO area will also feature Demos, You will have the chance to meet and greet with all of the Athletes, network and learn from some of the best in the business.

Demos, exhibitions, contests and giveaways will take place both days of the Expo

Battle of the Bars® typically starts at 2:30 pm on the first day of the Expo.

Cards to be announced via our Facebook page and Instagram as we complete them. Make sure to follow us for all updated information.

The World Calisthenics Organization™ – “Raising the BAR” in Competitive Sports Entertainment.

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